Can You E-File Old Tax Returns?

e-file_logoSo the April 15th deadline has come and gone, but for whatever reason, you STILL need to file your tax return.  What to do?  Do you need to mail it?  Can you send it in via E-File?  Keep reading to find out your options.

Current Tax Year and Date Is BEFORE October 15th
If you missed the deadline but you are filing before October 15th, then you can still E-File your return.  The IRS shuts down the E-File system in November/December to get everything ready for the next filing season, so you only have until then to get your return transmitted.

Current OR Prior Tax Year and Date Is AFTER October 15th
Well, that means that you’ve missed the E-File window and your only option is to mail a paper copy of your return to the IRS.  Check this post for addresses on where to mail it.

How To E-File Your Return
If you are still within the window of time where you can use E-File, here are your options:

  1. Use IRS Free File or Fillable Form