We’re pleased to announce the release of our new course – click image to learn more!

We know we’ve been “ghost” for a little while and all we can say is that a lot has happened during the period that we were all dealing with Covid-19. Part of what happened is we were in the Bat Cave deep in work. And today we have a very special announcement to make!

You see, this website is one of several that are operated by Wilson Rogers & Company.  They are a financial services company based in Chicago that offer tax and other related products to the public.  Well, as part of the launch of their new financial management site, Make My Money Make Sense, they have decided to offer courses.  The first course to be launched?  How to File Back Taxes – A Step By Step Guide.

This course is an expansion of their most viewed YouTube video (see below) How To File Back Tax Returns | TCC and will teach:

  • Those who have back taxes and are looking for a course how to solve them via a DIY method or,
  • Tax professionals who want to learn the nuances of filing back tax returns so they can either solve their client’s problems OR learn how to add this valuable service offering to their product line up.

To celebrate, from now until 11:30PM CST on December 31st 2022, customers can get it for 50% off the $97 normal price. To claim the discount use the coupon code “HOLIDAY50” at checkout (case sensitive). If you have any issues using the code just contact us via the email or phone number in the footer of this post.

To purchase the course or learn more you can visit the course and products page on the Make My Money Make Sense website or go straight to the sales page.